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img_1795 Charlotte Schrijver Hochzeitsfotografie

Dieses Brautkleid ist einfach einzigartig! Und genauso liest sich auch die Geschichte dazu – wahrscheinlich handelt es sich um das Kleid mit den meisten Flugmeilen hier auf dem Blog! Hier kommt die Geschichte von Andrea und ihrem Kleid:


„The dress is another special story… I saw the movie ‚bride wars‘ a while ago and I fell in love with the dress. After several emails and connections to Vera Wang, they shipped a sample of the dress to London so that I could try it on. I loved it! Even though it was like 4 sizes smaller than I was – but I just knew that this was the one. I ordered the dress 3 sizes smaller than I was at the time and I had to be deternmined and work hard…


I lost more than 20 pounds in 4 months but I was totally stressed – (never order a dress in a smaller size if you don’t want to be overly stressed before the first fitting) – nerve wrecking!  They shipped the final dress (MY DRESS) from Vera Wang NYC to Vera Wang London for the final fitting – with only a week to get it done… and it fit just perfect! I was so relieved!


Returning to Norway… with a huge puffy dress is quite hard and heavy but the dress was so worth it! I am a tiny woman and that dress is huge! It was quite the ordeal to get it  through customs, check-in and onboard the plan – travelling from London to Oslo and then later from Oslo to Copenhagen.


But the moment of truth when Arnt saw me in the dress for the very first time on our wedding day, stating I looked magical and amazing, made it all worth the strain, stress and hard work to get the dress!“


Ein Kleid! Ein Traum!

img_1878 Charlotte Schrijver Hochzeitsfotografie

Liebe Grüße vom Lieschen


PS: Ihr habt hoffentlich auch schon Teil 1 mit der kompletten Hochzeitsreportage gesehen, oder?



Bilder: Charlotte Schrijver Hochzeitsfotografie.